Weekend Surprises — 7 Comments

  1. Awe… so cute! I love this! Thanks for sharing it and congratulations!
    PS. the link you have for me in your side bar needs updating! This link is the correct one! Thanks so much! Deb

  2. I’m glad that your little one is on the mend – and that you are getting caught up on sleep 🙂

    We were very productive and got a LOT of things cleaned up and purged. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was March!!

  3. I feel like Ladybug today. I am home sick after spending the entire weekend in bed. If this is a cold it is the worst one I have ever had. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. It’s a real hind-end kicker.
    We have a cow tan colored cow that throws a calf like this every year. Doesn’t matter she is bread to a black angus bull. We always worry that the deer hunters will shoot it by mistake.

    • They do look just like deer! They’re so darn cute!

      She seems to be on the mend now, although she’s headed to the dr. today. The stomach part seemed to pass, but now she’s got a ferocious ear ache. Hopefully we can get something to clear that up and be on our way. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. It’s so hard to keep up with anything when someone in the house is so sick.

  4. SO sorry to hear about the Ladybug being ill. I sure hope she and the cowboy are on the mend fast. Thank you for sharing your cute little addition to the barnyard. That’s such a pretty calf. I hope Abbey and her new baby are doing well. I look forward to more adorable baby posts in the future. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing on Farmgirl Friday.

    • Thanks for coming by! The calf definitely seems to be doing well, now. He just starting “frisking” around last night with his tail up–although at this age it looks really awkward and goofy. And we’re very excited about lambing season right around the corner too. Next month-can’t wait!

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