Those Chickens — 4 Comments

  1. I know how it is with the free range eggs. I have to lock up our chickens all summer because they like the Free buffet of my Garden to much.
    I have learned though that when they are free, keeping them lock in till 11 am is a good way to keep eggs in nest boxes.

  2. My chickens have the same idea lately, I chalked it up to ‘it’s just too darn hot to walk A-L-L the way back to the coop to lay this egg’ … I have found a few, but there are still lots missing, lol. Several of my family members think our country entertainment (watching chickens chase bugs) is great fun, too. Here’s to cheap entertainment!


  3. Agree. Chickens just make a home homeyer. 🙂 Good luck with finding those eggs – hopefully before they are all rotten and you find then that way (Ick).