Family Farm Updates — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my – how scary! Those high fevers are the worst. Praying that the worst has passed and y’all are up and back to normal really soon.

  2. Praying for heathy kids! Connor started Thursday night with a stomach bug, moped all weekend till last night and now Braeden has it! I’m praying it stops with them! One thing about big families…we live to share our germs! Sigh!

    • Yeah, I thought I was out of the woods because the little one was sick for almost a week and no one else seemed to get it. Ha! This is just something different. :/

  3. Oh, that sucks that all the kids are sick! And to bad about the chicks, hopefully they’ll get stronger soon. I’m glad to hear about the lambs though, they are so cute! They remind me of my baby goats.

    Hope your kids get better soon!

    • Yes, I think they’re coming along fine now out in the brooder house, but we check on them like 10 times a day right now to be sure! 🙂