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  1. Indeed they do look right at home in that pool. We have a Runners and the eggs are out of this world (but they do seem to come erratically). The duck eggs make great, big omelettes.

    • We’ve had a bunch of chicken egg customers ask about duck eggs, so we’re hoping for good results! Of course, they’re so fun we’ll keep them anyway, but it’s nice to get something out of the deal!

  2. What do you do during the winter for your ducks? We have a new duck in the family named Charlie. He is a blue swedish. We are working on designing his outdoor pen now but we have freezing temps during the winter and the little duck pond we have is not going to work for winter time.

    • Hmm…we don’t get too much freezing weather around here. A couple design things–the doorway is only 1/3 or less of the nest box frontage area, so there’s plenty of space to get back away from the breeze blowing in the door. And then it’s stuffed with straw to keep it warm. With a few ducks or chickens (we’ve got a couple half-grown chicks that are in the duck pen right now as well) they should be fine to keep each other warm. Only one duck, you might need to think about a heat lamp in the coldest part of winter.

  3. That’s a great little pen for your ducks! I’ll have to tell our daughter to take a look at what your husband did to house them – she wants to keep a few ducks but doesn’t have a good system in place for them yet.

    • We used an old dog kennel for a long time as our chicken run, before we made the house completely mobile. It worked really well, so Mr. Fix-It modified the idea for the ducks. So far, so good. The skids on the bottom lift it off the ground though, so it’s not chick/duckling tight or completely predator tight if you have scavenger trouble. So far we’ve had them too close to the house to have any trouble.

    • We’re very happy with how it’s working out! The skids leave a gap at the bottom that the ducks can’t get thru, but we have a few smaller chicks that think they are ducks and keep slipping in! 🙂

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