Storm Prep on the Farm — 8 Comments

    • Yes, pretty much us too. It rained all day on Friday, most of the day on Saturday and now it’s raining Mon-Wed. We’re humid and soggy, but otherwise fine.

  1. We get a LOT of rain here on the north coast of New South Wales but I had never really thought about prepping the chicken coop for supplies in advance. So I will think about a checklist for that now. It must be so scary to live in a tornado zone – the kids and I always remark about the twister scene in the Wizard of Oz being scarier than the WW of the West! And considering that Oklahoma and few midwestern states have been hit already with such violent tornadoes your storm prep is wise. Likewise your photos are great at illustrating the points you raised.

    • We get quite a bit of rain and wind during hurricane season, but we’ve been blessed by no major damage (some damage but nothing to compare to OK). But you can’t get the tractor and stuff out when there’s 2 inches of water just SITTING on the ground, so we have to plan ahead a bit. Definitely recommend a checklist!

  2. I’m glad you found time to share your post. Having so much to do, I’m glad you have a lot of little helpers. I enjoyed seeing your true working farm. Congrats on being featured.

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