The Cowboy is 7 Today — 6 Comments

    • Yes, my momma-heart flutters thinking of all the good he can do when he grows up…once we teach him how to direct himself. 🙂 That’s what we do, right? Teach, and train, and shape.

  1. My son sounds so similar. He is so strong in every way and has limitless energy and is immovable when he thinks he is right. He remembers everything and passionately hates falsehood. He is 8 and the oldest of my four. I’ve been struggling so much with him and he challenges us more the older he gets and I’m at my wits end. Do you have any tips on parenting you could share?

    • I’m certainly no expert and am down in the trenches with you! But two things that have helped us were first, find ways to challenge him. Whether it’s sports, work, physical adventures like camping or rock climbing, reading, whatever you can direct him to that keeps him challenged and growing–ability AND character–and second, learn his love language. (I’ve got an old post about The 5 Love Languages here: but I think this topic deserves an update!) That way you can break out of conflict cycles by communicating LOVE to him, and then redirect the situation. For my Cowboy, it’s physical touch. So when we’re really butting heads, I’ll stop and say “Hey, give me a hug!” The hug is really for him, but it creates a relationship reset for us. For my Speedracer it’s quality time, so I’ll say “Hey, let’s just take a break and throw the football for a minute.” Or even, “let’s just take a break and watch a show for a few minutes” and we’ll snuggle on the couch together for a few minutes. Feel free to email me if you’d like to chat more!

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