Lambing Help, Part 2…Common Problems {Weak Lambs} — 4 Comments

  1. We have found that giving free choice kelp has helped greatly with mineral deficiency. My mom and dad raised sheep when I was little and had issues with White Muscle Disease. We make our own mineral mix using goat minerals, Redmond’s, baking soda, and DE.

    • I’d be interested in your recipe. We’ve tried to go the kelp route before and had trouble securing a steady supply. I would love to revisit this! Right now we use a Purina protein supplement from TSC during our pre-lambing and lambing season and a pastured-all-stock mineral salt the rest of the year. I also think that steadily improving our soil and grass is/will make a difference, but that’s certainly a long-term proposition! 🙂

      • Just getting back to this, sorry! The “recipe” for our mix is at the barn so I will have to get it tomorrow. I am reading Natural Sheep Care by Pat Coleby. The BEST book I have ever read on sheep. I am almost done with it and plan to go back and read with a highlighter and take notes. So much info that I have not read any place else. For example, dark fleece sheep have a higher copper requirement than light fleeced sheep. The only thing I have read over and over is that copper is always toxic to sheep. Over the last two years we have found that our Icelandic’s have higher mineral requirements than most sheep. She talks a lot about amending your soils and eliminate the health problems that tend to come with sheep.

        • Yes, we seem to have more trouble with calcium that would be expected and we think it’s from soil depletion after row crops for so long. Most books suggest selenium or vitamin E deficiencies, and we’ve seen some of that, but calcium is a biggie for us too.

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