Sawdust and Scrap Metal…the Daily Farm Adventures {42} — 2 Comments

  1. Things here are such a mess. The snow is almost gone and now we are under another winter storm advisory calling for 2″ to 4″ of snow. Needless to say, we are praying that the storm either misses us or fizzles out.

    We are getting sheep sheared tonight in preparation for lambing. That is exciting! We had someone come and haul away trailer loads of junk. My dad is/was a bit of a packrat. It is nice when things are all cleaned up.

    • Yes! I know a lot of our “junk” is actually not junk at all–but it’s so much nicer when everything IS cleaned up! Plus we got some cash for the haul to put back into some maintenance work. Win-win!

      We’re expecting our shearer in the next couple weeks as well. I’m a little worried the way the weather has been, but winter has to stop eventually…right? {smile}

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