Lambing Season Ends with a Bang…the Daily Farming Adventures {47} — 7 Comments

  1. ♫♪♫ Happy Easter to You ♪♪♫
    Congratulations on achieving your goal! I’m glad for you that the last lambs are healthy.

  2. I love to read your posts, especially good ones like lambs being fine and dandy. But I have to say, I really dislike, and subsequently tend to not read, blogs where to read the post beyond a couple of lines I have to “click here to continue reading”. I don’t remember your blog having that before so I’m guessing that was one of the changes?

    • It is one of the new changes. I’m not crazy about it myself as a reader, but I’ve heard a lot of folks like it. I’m definitely looking for feedback from MY readers. I’m wondering if I can make it the whole post for the first post or two, and then “click here” for the next couple…

  3. Congrats on a good lambing year.
    We have a couple more to go. It hasn’t been the best year but far from our worse.

    • I think the winter was so hard and unpredictable this year everyone had some trouble. We lost two lambs at the very beginning on the season and I’m SO grateful that didn’t continue like we feared.

    • Yes–they out grow that ADORABLE stage pretty quickly. We have a couple hitting the 2 month mark that non-farm folks might not even immediately recognize as being lambs! {smile} Hooray for healthy farm babies!

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