The Crazy, Snuggling Chicken…the Daily Farm Adventures {61} — 5 Comments

    • They are quite the adventure…I wouldn’t trade it! And it’s a very uplifting victory to have someone recover. Farm life seems to be full of loss sometimes. This is a good ending.

  1. I think you should just keep her as a pet. You two chicks look great together and besides she probably has ptsd from her awful experience! lol Hugs and pecks are just her way of saying thank you. Loved this story!

  2. She looks just like my Speckled Sussex and they are the greatest and friendliest birds!! Hope she able to get back with the others. But I know how much you are enjoying her on the porch. I go in our run and place a chair and a half dozen or so will jump on my lamp and love being petted. I look forward to it every night. It is good for them and good for us! 🙂

    • She IS a speckled Sussex! We had one a few years ago that we lost to a fox before she was grown and I wanted to add a couple to the flock because that one was so lovely. I’m excited to know that this might really be their everyday personality. I’ve gotten rather attached! {smile}