A New Chicken House…the Daily Farm Adventures {74} — 3 Comments

  1. I just started following you after seeing your blog on IBN! I’ve read a few of your posts and LOVE them! This is a dream of ours that we hope to realize SOON! I have to ask though, what happened to your ducks? I read that you missed them, but don’t see why. I have a soft spot for ducks, we did have some for awhile and lost our last elderly gentleman duck just a few months ago. He followed our elderly dog everywhere she went and was pretty attached to us humans too. Ducks are quite the characters!

    • Glad you’re here! I probably should have linked to a couple duck post. Our meat ducks got processed as..well…meat. {smile} But then we sold two of our runner ducks and the two we kept got picked off by a fox. It was frustrating and sad! We almost shot him one night, but he got away and came back again until they were gone. Honestly, it takes me a while to get over losses like that and be ready to try again. (I know everyone thinks if you eat your animals, you must not be attached to them, but we don’t eat all of them and we DO get attached!) {smile}

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