Spring Fence Work and Fence Maintenance Supplies for the Small Farm — 4 Comments

  1. I find that your mention of having heavier fence posts so that they can last longer is very interesting. My uncle is interested in starting his own small farm and he is talking to me about installing fencing the other day. I should call him and let him know about the fence weight making a difference in his maintenance in the long run!

    • Yes, and woven wire fence is MUCH heavier than hi-tencile as well. Someone explained to me that with woven wire the post is actually holding the whole weight of the fence, so you need strong posts and a lot more of them for a good fence.

      With hi-tencile, the line post is just directing the fence and keeping the lines at the right height and separation. Tension is holding it up and the corner braces are holding the weight. There’s no animal pressure because they won’t touch it. So you can use a lot less line posts.