Packing Light for Scotland in Spring…a Plus Size Capsule in a Carry On — 6 Comments

    • I didn’t really carry a traditional “purse” with me. We had the daypack that attached to my backpack and then I used my travel wallet as a wristlet/purse when I didn’t need our whole pack. The only thing I would change about that is that I would get the travel wallet in a more subtle color. It worked GREAT for the purse/wallet purpose, but the color didn’t really “go with everything” when we wanted to go out somewhere nicer. A plain black would have worked fine.

      You can see them both in this post…

      I also have this small, solid black purse that I sometimes travel with now. It takes up zero room and is super-light for packing when empty, but can carry everything I would need except my camera or a water bottle for a day out. It would be another option, and any bulky phone or travel wallet would fit in it ok. And you can adjust the strap to be crossbody or tighter up under your arm/in hand if you prefer–depending on your look and location.

  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I need. I am basically the same size as you (do thank you for posting your actual sizes, so I know this will apply to me!) And, I want to pack it in a carry on!

    • Glad you found it helpful. It’s certainly not my favorite thing to put out there {smile} but was also something I was looking for when doing my own research and couldn’t find. Hope your trip is amazing!

  2. Great info! Going to Scotland/Ireland for 2 weeks in April and worried about packing bulky clothes. Hoping to have hotels with coin laundry!!

    • If you wear your jackets/coats, then you don’t need a ton of bulky daily clothes. Just layers. My biggest concern was (and would be for a second trip) making sure we had dry shoes. I can see how you could end up with wet shoes for a week.