18 Chickens in my Freezer — 11 Comments

    • We’re looking forward to selling them in the future. The next batch will be sometime in July. But I’m beginning to think that it will take the whole farm just to keep my own crew feed. Those boys can put away some chicken fingers!

  1. Yuk, blucky, ughh….ok..WOW…so, do these chickens taste different than the store bought ones? I’m guessing yes since farm fresh eggs taste way different than store eggs. When it’s all said and done, how big is each chicken? How long can you keep them in your freezer before eating them?

    • I’m not sure about the freezer time yet. I’m not real happy with the freezer bags we used. But we eat a lot of chicken so I don’t think it will take long enough for us to worry about. We’re looking into different bagging/freezing methods for the next batch.

      This group was a little smaller than we’d like in the future and they actually varied in size quite a bit, probably anywhere from 3-6 lbs. Another two weeks of feed would probably get us to more like 7-8 lbs average. 11-12 weeks of feed would get us closer to 9-10 lbs.

  2. I am very impressed! And better yet, Mr. Fix-It didn’t get sick at all. This is all quite amazing. Good for you all! I can’t wait for the BBQ!

    • Didn’t seem to faze him at all, actually…although being outside and all there wasn’t really any bad smell or anything. I wasn’t worried about his nerves (like I was mine!) but I did wonder if his stomach could take it if it smelled bad. He can’t even empty the trash without gagging sometimes.

    • Thx Rachel and Rachel! 🙂 There’s nothing like looking at our freezer full of lamb, beef, and now chicken and thinking, “wow, I put that there.”