Mother’s Day — 5 Comments

  1. Jamie, that is SO sweet and touching. My heart and heavy and eyes are misty. This touched me to my core. SO sweet!
    Love, Stacy

  2. Jamie – You were so wonderfully able to capture the essence or your mom as a mom, wife, sister, etc and I’m truly in awe by your ability to express yourself so cleary in words. You are an amazing person and a talented writer and I love you. PS – The peanut joke is hilarious!!!

  3. Jamie,
    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She certainly did love her family. Your Mom and Dad died as they lived, together and doing something they loved. It was an honor to know both of your parents. We certainly had some great times when they came to Erie.
    May you always hold the wonderfull memories in your heart, your Mom would be so proud of you and your sister. You are certainly a lot like her.

  4. Your mother sounds so wonderful – like everything I want to be personified.

    My favorite part is when you said,

    “When a mother prays for strength, God gives her love. When a mother prays for patience, God gives her love. And when a mother prays for peace and quiet, God gives her more love. ”

    That is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for food for thought.

    SITS sister.

    • Thanks–I wish I was more like her too. I just keep reminding myself that it’s a journey and hopefully we all end up better than when we started. Glad you stopped by!

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