Growing Up and Moving Out — 4 Comments

  1. What a crew!!!! I really love how everyone has a job and feels a part of the farm. That creates such ownership and responsibility for the little ones. Oh! So Cute!!!!

  2. Hello Jamie. I have been waiting on your latest post – and you did not disappoint. You have such a great way of expressing yourself.

    Now, as a mother, I could not help but notice – are the boots on the wrong feet of your littlest cowboy? I am sorry – I knew those eyes did not look right! Me and my perfect world. Rachel will tell you I don’t miss a thing.

    I am still sending your little stories to my stepmother for her enjoyment. What a wonderful gift to share. Love, Brenda Morris

    • So glad you stopped by!

      And yes, I don’t even fight the right foot battle with their boots. They’re all so broken in they can’t tell the difference when they’re wearing them and I cave to the ease of “do it yourself.” It’s funny you mention it because I don’t even notice half the time anymore, but looking at the pictures with new eyes it makes me laugh. I think that’s a scrapbook page story right there! 🙂

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