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  1. Excellent lesson! You’re right about staying calm. In any interaction, adults, children, animals, it’s all about how calm you are. I just have to remember that! And…watch out for tomatoes!!!!

  2. OK…I truly believe that you should contact A&E, or the Discovery Chanel and have your own reality show!! I truly enjoy and look forward to reading your posts…it’s the second best thing to actually being there!

    • I’m glad you enjoy it!

      Blogging is a great reflective tool–you’re able to look back and appreciate things like you couldn’t in the moment. It’s like therapy–complete with total strangers that know nothing about you other than what you tell them! 🙂

  3. I have to agree with Annie, it is the best reality show not on television (thank goodness). I look forward to all the ups and downs. I can live vicariously through you all. What a joy! But, as you stated earlier “do as I say not as I do” this goes for all ages. I say that at least once a week or day to all my little elderly folks. It works for all ages, shapes and sizes. I guess we never really learn.

    • You’re telling me! At least if I’m taking the (blurry) pictures I’m not in the pictures. The only thing I can imagine worse than the chaos of the moment would be having to watch myself going through it! 🙂

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