Mom Planner Review and Giveaway!! — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you for your very thorough review/description of the planner. I think this seems like a much better approach than a work planner as well, even though I am a mommy to an adult child, I still have a lot of “outside work” commitments to keep up with and this seems like a good approach.

  2. OK…I did it…I am following you on twitter – wa-hoo, I feel so grown up now – modern technology here I came, kicking and screaming all the way!

  3. …wow!…where was this 10 years ago when I had to ferry 3 kids to a variety of appointments and sports events, and different school calendars to boot!…keeping it all together is what it’s all about!

  4. Thanks so much for the great descripition of the planner. The pictures also helped. As a single mom of 3 children I’ve been looking for a planner to keep track of all their activities. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks so much. Blessing to you.

  5. The Do It All Planner looks great, I like the fact that weekends aren’t reduced to tiny spaces, too. Nice layout & stickers!

  6. I am still shopping for a planner so I looked with great interest at everyone of those pics and descriptions! It looks good, although I am ambivalent about specific times.

    Probably don’t actually need them for a typical Waldorf homeschooling day, though. Unless it’s a wfh day with afternoon clients (I am a healing practitioner).

    Thanks for the review!


  7. What a great description of the planner. I always have a time picking just the right one and the right size. You gave some terrific descriptions why it works or doesn’t work for you. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the review, I could definitely use something like that with both of my kids being in school this year. We’ve got soccer, football, cheer, and lets not forget the insane amount of Birthday parties we attend in a year. I’ve tried quite a few different planners over the years, and this one may actually work well for me. I’ll try my luck in the drawing, but if I don’t win, I may end up buying one to try myself. Thank you again for the thorough review, very helpful.

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