When You’re Out of Gas…But Thankful on a Thursday 01/13/2011 — 7 Comments

  1. I loved this post. You could have turned your adventure this morning into a horrible way to start your day, but you had a positive attitude about it (Did we listen to the same sermon last night? lol).

    I remember one time I spilled something in my car. The bozo in me decided to pull off the road (a dark, lonely, country road) into a DITCH to pick up the soda. The grass was wet and my car wasn’t getting out of the ditch. My 5 year old at the time told me with all seriousness – “We are going to die.” lol

    • Oh no! 🙂 Kids are so funny!

      I’m so glad my kids weren’t with me. They would have been so upset. Ever since the Ladybug learned to read the dashboard in our Dodge when the little gas light dings on she starts talking worrying about running out of gas. I told her once not to worry, then we would just get out and push the truck home. As soon as this happen, Mr. Fix-It said my boys couldn’t wait to help Daddy “push” me home.

  2. My dad has a truck with a broken gas guage. It always makes me nervous driving it, having run out of gas before while driving it. Thank goodness for good neighbors that time. And, thank goodness for cell phones! I would have been panicking, so you did great! Glad you were ok! No joke, you might want to put a gas can (not diesel) in the back just in case. 🙂

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