Digital Photo Organization III–Where’s My Stuff? — 3 Comments

  1. deleting is my downfall. I always think I need to have every picture I’ve ever taken. Which is odd, since I scrapbook and I have no trouble cropping a picture. Hmmm….maybe I should think of deleting as cropping? 🙂

    you are doing great on this! Thanks for posting as you go with the links!

    • That’s a great thought. If you laid out all the pictures as if they were one, what would you crop out and what would you keep?

      I have seen some good pages from Ali Edwards using blurry pictures (I’m thinking of one in an airport). If all you have is bad pictures, but it’s a special event, you might want to save some of them, I guess. They would also be good for any pages about learning photography, or pages about emotion more than events like “photos I wish I had taken” or something.

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