Garden Sentry Duty — 4 Comments

  1. What a cute post! That last photo is adorable! What fun memories y’all have! The Ladybug has established her role early on. She’ definitely the Momma Hen!

    • Reining her in from being down right bossy is going to be tough, that’s for sure. But then she often amazes me by how good she is with “the boys” (as we call them all the time here) and how compassionate she is for them. She can go from bossing to loving in a second if you just give her a little reminder. She’s quite the little “future world leader.” 🙂

  2. I love that your kids work so well together. It really seems as if they are more than just brothers and sister but that they are friends. I long to give that kind of relationship to my son.

    • The farm certainly does provide us a lot of opportunities to stress “teamwork.” I hope it keeps them being close as they grow. They’re all so completely different personality-wise!

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