Shadow Boxing — 6 Comments

  1. I love the look on the cat’s face in the chicken feeding photo. He can’t get out of there fast enough.
    Your capture of the shadow boxing was even better than a video. Great running commentary.

    I loved the days when my son wanted to help, no matter the chores.
    Then he got to an age where he would deliberately do a bad job thinking I would let him off the hook, I could do better and faster myself. Don’t fall for that trick.

    And popcorn is a totally acceptible training tool.

    • Oh the times I have to hold my tongue and remember they’re only children! They dilly-dally and turn everything into a game and I just want to be finished! I keep reminding myself that we’re training them and we can’t give up.

      And the farm cats come with their own frustrations, but we all enjoy having them around. They make us laugh. 🙂

  2. My hubs hates feeding the chickens and ducks too! It has been passed down to my 8 year old, it takes her just as long to feed them. I figure as long as it is getting done and I don’t have to do it…then I don’t care how long it takes!

    • I get into a routine and love it because I know what’s next. But the kids end up hating it eventually because they get bored. So I’m having to shake things up a little bit to keep them interested and keep them from getting sour about it. But it definitely means more work for me! 🙂