Into Deep Waters — 5 Comments

  1. My heart says “ditto.” I missed you all so much yesterday, I can’t even remember the last time we weren’t together on Easter. Love you, great post.

  2. Know that you are not walking alone through what I refer to as the “Misery months”….add the anniversary of my mom’s passing in early June and the anniversary of my dad’s passing in late June and I too find myself putting on a happy face from May through 4th of July. Thank you for putting into words what I have felt for many many years too!

  3. It’s hard. It never ends – but the pain (eventually) does subside for a few days here and there. I’m with you – the platitudes that well meaning people say drive me nuts – and there’s nothing to do but nod and smile.

    Hugs for you. Hugs for the memories and the pain and the tears.

    I’m glad that you can still remember their voices – I have a vague recollection which seems to be fading too quickly.

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