Count Down to an Omelet — 6 Comments

  1. Funny how many people don’t realize you don’t need a rooster to get eggs. When we ordered one at the feed store, the manager mentioned that too. Apparently they get a lot of people who think they need one. I was terrorized by roosters growing up and was really afraid of getting one. I did a lot of research before we finally took the plunge (I’m hatching my own chicks). We bought a barred rock rooster, and he’s GREAT! Well he’s noisy, and those poor girls have no feathers on their backs after being shut in with him all winter, but he’s not mean. We’ve had our kids in there, neighbor kids visiting etc… It seems to have helped keep away predators also.

  2. I’ve neverhad a rooster chase me, bu I have had chicken attack my toes. I know, I know – who wears flipflops in a chicken coop?? Only me.

  3. Aw, they outgrow that cuddly baby-chick stage way too fast!

    Thanks for sharing the photos and facts with us “city” kids. The only chickens I see have names like Tyson and Perdue. 🙂

    • Yeah, we stopped calling them “peeps” too because after a week or so they turn into these little eating machines and their cute little “peep! peep” turns into this demanding “Squawwwwwk!”

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