Mother’s Day for the Motherless…Thankful on a Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. I have the same struggles….the last 17 Mother’s Days have been bittersweet. I adore my son and am so blessed to have him and he makes my day special, but I feel a big sense of loss and unfairness because I don’t have my mom around anymore and I miss her so much! Love and hugs!!

  2. I’m sorry for your pain and sadness – it is always harder to be the ones left behind. You obviously were blessed with a wonderful mother and because of her, your children are blessed with a wonderful mother too.

    • Thank you. One of the best ways I find to combat the sadness is to acknowledge it and then try to cultivate gratitude in place of it. I miss her because of all the love we shared–but we were so blessed to have that love. It hurts my heart to think of so many people with strained or no relationship in place of the beautiful relationship I had. It’s so much more of a blessing to have loved and lost, then never to have loved…

  3. It is so important to hear your perspective. Thank you for sharing it. When we haven’t walked the road of pain that you have it is hard to realize the impact of Mother’s Day.

    Your mother looks so happy in each picture. Her face is just beaming. She looks like a person who had a lot of love to give.

    • Thank you for stopping to read and for your kind comments. She loved us so much and would want us to be happy even without her.

      Over the last couple years I’ve finally come to understand that it’s so important to recognize and purge the bitterness or sadness I feel before it spirals out of control. To acknowledge it, and then let. it. go. Sometimes that means over and over again, but I think that’s part of the healing process.

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