Rotating Animals — 7 Comments

  1. It sounds very tricky to be sure to move them at the right time. Right now since we’ve gotten all this rain it should grow back fast, but I’m sure it’s a challenge in the middle of summer when we haven’t had rain.

    And, what an adorable lamb! I’m with Annie and would love to keep them all as pets!

    • Yeah, if we hit a drought, sometimes we have to move them back to the barnyard and feed hay for a while rather than let them ruin the pasture. It’s quite a learning curve, but every year it’s getting better.

      They are just precious when they’re little! That one is only about a 1/4 Hog Island, but he looks like a total throwback to Ozzie! They grow so fast though–I’ve got lamb updates to post on Friday. I’m amazed by how much some of the older ones have grown!

  2. How exciting to find a new baby lamb!

    BTW – I gave you an award on my post today 🙂

  3. I know they are farm animals and not pets, but that little baby is so darn cute I would just want to hold him and pet him all day long!!!!

    • I know! I could watch them frisk around for hours when they’re little like that! But they grow out of it so fast! We’ve already got a couple that have lost that cute factor.