Family Weekend — 4 Comments

  1. it is all such a blur! hay fields…oops rain! tedding the hay… oops equipment problems. general chores like cutting the grass, taking care of the animals, laundry. church on sunday and back to work this morning! we took our kids a couple of weeks ago to see a 3-d movie, oh my, that won’t be something we do very often either. for 4 of us it was $50!

    • I know! The prices are crazy! Definitely a special treat sort of event.

      Sorry about your setbacks! Our rain came at just the right time, for a change. But now it’s supposed to rain all week long. {Sigh}

  2. it sounds like a fine, fine weekend! we had company; Dave’s cousin/wife on Friday and about 50 for lunch on Saturday. the cousin/wife left Sunday and Dave and I took the time OFF and watched what I call “cozy t.v.”…like in the mystery books, no one gets ugly killed…no gore, frightening stuff, etc. …and Dave watched his frightening stuff -locked up abroad, 48 hours, etc.- a great weekend all in all. earlier in the week I saw the latest Woody Allen movie and enjoyed it although it was ‘classic Woody Allen’…same story, different actors.

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