Love’s Unending Legacy — 6 Comments

    • Isn’t it amazing when you start looking back how you start seeing things you never really notice before? I wish more than anything that I could just pick up the phone and call to ask. But since I can’t, I find myself more and more tuned into nuances within our daily life when I look back over their example. You do learn more by example and I find so many lessons that they never spoke out loud…

    • Janette Oke’s was one of the first Christian writers I ever read and I love most of her books. They’re just so positive, but still full of truth and struggle.

    • It is a series. it’s the Love Comes Softly series and I’ve read them all over and over again (although the first one, Love Comes Softy, is still my all time favorite!). They are just so uplifting!

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