A New Creation in Christ — 7 Comments

  1. Welcome, Beckie, to your new life! I am honored to be able to read your testimony. Thank you for sharing your special time with everyone! God is good! All my love to you!

  2. Note to self: Do NOT read these blog posts at work because you’ll cry like a baby at your desk!! Truly an inspirational post. I couldn’t be more happy for the both of you and how you have handled your lifes and relationships with God since the accident. I love you both!!

  3. That testimony was beautiful. I read the whole thing with tears streaming down my face… Your parents were very special people, and they would be and are so proud of both of you! The years your mom and I were Brownie leaders together were a blast, I can still hear her infectious laugh!
    Debbie Webber XO

  4. Beckie, that is such a beautiful testimony. As someone who continues to struggle with my own faith, you are an inspiration. Thank you and Jamie for sharing!

  5. I sincerely thank all of you for your support and encouraging words. Being baptized (as an adult) was a wonderful experience. I am so lucky to have been able to share such a special moment with my sister, and I’m glad we could also share it with all of you. I do apologize for making you all cry (I cried while writing it and while reading it) but that also means that I was able to make people really feel what I had experienced through my own personal story of how God’s grace not only changed my life, but really, saved my life.

    All my love and God bless,


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