Beauty from the Heart — 5 Comments

  1. AMEN!

    How wonderful that you were able to have an honest conversation – and to be such encouragment to each other!!

    I think we are all tired on some level – and wonder how the heck we can get up and do it all again…and yet we do! That is a momma.

    And yes – I wish more people could look under the surface of us and see into our hearts, instead of focusing on what we wear outside.


    • There’s so much fear and frustration wrapped up in being a momma. It’s one of those things were you have to constantly remind yourself that you’re NOT completely in charge. You have to do the best you can and leave the rest to God–or you exhaust yourself with the endless “what if” stuff. I was touched that she shared with me. Goodness knows we’ve all been there! 🙂

  2. Well, you don’t look “old and tired” and whenever you think that just remember the teacher at IWA that day we toured that thought you were a student!

    • Wow–I had forgotten that! You’re right, that just totally lifted up my day! It was two years ago of course (can you believe that!) but if I looked like a high school student then, I guess I’m no more than college aged now, right? LOL!

  3. I just want to say, your tiredness doesnt show in your face, to me. It shows in your children. They are clean, have a BIG lunch every day, their homework is done, and the progress is seen daily! Your children are amazing and you are an inspiration to me! The reward of your busyness will be fully seen when your children are productive adults. (although it’s seen now just from seeing their daily progress!)

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