Lunchbox Love Notes…Wednesday Windings 08/31/2011 — 6 Comments

  1. You must have more than 24 hours in your day to get all these extra things done! I really just want to know what you pack to eat in your kiddos lunch boxes. I need ideas!

    • I’m not too exciting on that front. LOL. I have tons of ideas bookmarked, but mostly we just do sandwiches. My kids are not adventurous eaters (especially the littlest one!) so they don’t complain about getting the same thing every day. I’ll mix it up with soup and leftovers for the Ladybug because she likes stuff like that, but we just do fruit, sandwich, chips, and dessert.

  2. What a sweet thing to do your your little ones Ÿ I ♥ that idea. Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie and leaving the sweet comment. Drop by again one day.

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