Laughing Through It — 4 Comments

  1. I know you will probably hear this a lot but I am going to say it anyway. All too soon you will be wishing for these times again. My kids are now 13, 15, and 19. How I wish they were little again…some day! LOL But to answer your question, we are teaching our kids laundry, gardening, care for the farm animals, seasonal cleaning, and DEEP cleaning. Also, they are in 4-H and I am the leader for Foods and Breads so they will be learning the basics of bread making and food nutrition.
    Thanks for being real! I really appreciate it when I visit you!

  2. First, as always, I love your pics. And, I never noticed how blue your little man’s eyes are! they are beautiful!

    Totally with you on all the parenting stuff….there are days that I’m sailing through thinking it’s a breeze…and then the next day…wham!


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