Almost Turkey Time — 2 Comments

  1. Here in Mid – Missouri our leaves have begun to fall! The peak for us was about 10 days ago. But it is still a beautiful time of year. For Thanksgiving we go to my husbands sisters house (all his family gathers there, his parents have both gone on to be with Jesus). We watch some football, play some board games, play outside if weather is not too bad (has snowed in the past). If it is cold and “wintery” we take a drive to a big Christmas light display to kick off the Christmas season. We don’t observe halloween so we are looking forward to the other great fall holiday….Thanksgiving!

    • As of last year, we no longer celebrate Halloween either–and boy, I don’t miss it! We get to celebrate Fall and Harvest and Thanksgiving, and prepare our hearts for the Christmas season…I’ve already started wondering why we even “celebrated” Halloween anyway, when there’s so many meaningful holidays out there to participate in.

      We’re talking about going to my sister’s this year for Thanksgiving, but she hasn’t invited us yet 🙂 {Are you reading this, Cheese?}

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