Fog, Kids, and Dogs — 5 Comments

  1. Gate latchers are VERY important. We have had a vew incidents in which the gate was not locked and the calves got out! What a terrible thing! That lesson though is quickly learned!
    It is great that you are teaching responsiblity at an early age. We did not adopt our younger two until 7 and 9, they have been very hard to “train” in responsiblity.

    • Ugh! Animals being out is our biggest fear. It’s happened before and thankful it was just aggravating, not tragic. But we do live by a busy road and worry about it a lot. My biggest thing is that sometimes someone doesn’t bother latching the gate because there’s no animals in there. Sure, not right now, but it’s a bad habit and eventually you’ll forget and there will be animals there!

      I agree with the age thing. I seems like it’s easiest to embed it in them when they’re young. Perhaps because some of it still seems fun? I’m sure it’s not impossible later, just tougher. I’m also big on just creating habits/routines with them. If we always latch the gate, if we always feed the dog, if we always unpack our lunchboxes, things just seem to get done more smoothly.

  2. Our girls help feed the dogs and the cat, but that’s about it. Our dogs would probably walk THEM if we handed the leashes to the girls, and I’m not crazy about them picking up dog poop. Not yet 🙂

    • I don’t think our kids could handle leash walking right now either. I don’t know quite what my kids would say if I told them they had to pick up dog poop. They would think I’d gone crazy, I’m sure. They can get Penny to come when they call, sit and speak, but heeling or using a leash is beyond them and her right now.

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