Craft Kids — 6 Comments

  1. Awe – what fun!! I love foam art – it’s wonderful! My nemesis is glitter – my girls love it, but with carpet it makes SUCH a mess. Can you make a garland out of the pumpkins to hang?

    • I find that even just paper and scissors makes a big mess the way they cut and glue. I end up with trash and sticky scraps everywhere. I’m a big fan of anything that doesn’t use glue!

  2. Hook each “set” of pumpkins together with the little metal rings and make pumpkin banners for each of the kids’ rooms, bedroom doors, etc.

  3. Looks like you have some pretty “crafty” kiddos! my mother kept a lot of artsy stuff that my sister and i did for years. it was great to look back on as we were older… my younger two are into drawing, quite the artists….:-)

    • Sometimes I feel a little inundated because they do so many projects, but I try to keep at least a few each year so they (and us!) can see how they’ve progressed long. I love look/comparing their handwriting over the years!

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