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  1. I’ve been spending a LOT of time being thankful on top of other things! I have the worst cold I think I have ever had in my life BUT I’m thankful to have a nose to be stuffy! I am so thankful for that ladies’ retreat!

  2. You have a wonderful crew! I can not imagine how proud you must be! My own crew is much older and we didn’t have the younger two early in their lives but they all work around here, not always so well together though. Love the pictures and the detail in your posts!

    • I think there’s something so bonding about working together as well as playing together. I think sometimes that working together and accomplishing something “important” together helps them play together better too. They are all good friends as well as sibs and I love that for them.

  3. Love these photos of them working together!! Just a few weeks ago Sophie started helping Bella; by holding hands, helping her with boots/shoes; playing better – and I was amazed. Grateful….and amazed!!

    Just want to tell you that your Dad does see them. He does watch them {and you} and he’s telling everyone in Heaven to check out his grandkids. At least that’s how I think of my Dad.

  4. These pictures are priceless! They bring back so many fond memories of growing up on a farm with my own siblings. There’s no better place to raise them! And when they’re older, their going to want to live on a farm too (said from personal experience!) 🙂

    • We hope so! I’m sure you can get equal experiences in any number of places, but not coming from a farm background, I can’t imagine somewhere better to raise your kids.

      It gives me a flexibility as a parent to make mistakes or not know what I’m doing, but the very nature of the farm fills in the gap for me. Any time the kids are just too wound up, can’t focus, won’t listen, I can make them head right out and do some chores. Something meaningful and important, something that requires teamwork and perseverance, something that gets them fresh air and tired muscles at the end of the day!

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  6. Great pictures! And it’s true- my crew works perfectly together to collect eggs, water the animals, get hay, etc. But it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r for them to clean their shared room or playroom- arguing, playing around, etc. And the skills they are learning are real and important.

  7. A beautiful post!! I too think children NEED to work, and work cooperatively. Its important for their little souls to KNOW that they are needed, that they are a VITAL part of the family!! Awesome!

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