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  1. How wonderful!! I am SO not a cook, and I’m learning to cook as I go along. My girls are already helping in the kitchen {as much as they can!!} and I am determined that they will know how to cook {even if they don’t like it!!}

    • I put it off so long because I kept telling myself I was no good at it and it was too hard. The more I learn to just let go of my “perfect mom” “perfect wife” tendencies and just try it, the more I find I can do it. But I don’t want my kids to leave home without knowing how to plan, shop, and cook for meals…regularly. One or two nice meals doesn’t do anyone any good. I want them to know how to put food on their tables every night!

  2. I go in spurts. I go cooking crazy for a month or so then I get “burned out” and my family wonders if the kitchen blew up or something because I want to eat out all the time. On my blog though I have easy recipes that don’t call for strange items (my family would probably stone me). They are kid tested and approved…:-)

    • I struggle a little too because I’m just a routine person and I LIKE the same foods over and over again. So it’s not that I can’t cook them, we just get tired of them. (“We” being the rest of the family, not me.) I have to force myself to vary the menu for Mr. Fix-It’s sake!

  3. OK…I’ll admit, I’m mid 40’s and have raised a son (he’s 25 now) and STILL don’t know how to cook….I don’t like it and I never had the desire to learn. My mom was a wonderful cook and baker…and she had a husband, 8 kids and a full time job!! My son, on the other hand, has recently been experimenting with cooking and recipies and such. It’s been great. At least once a week he makes dinner…and I usually love all the things he makes. I’m certainly going to pop over to Monica’s blog and check out her recipes too. Happy Tuesday everyone!

    • Kraft food is my go to site to start with. I modify from there, but I need stuff that’s “normal” not things like arugula and shallots and caraway seeds. I saw this the other day under the title simple, speedy suppers from pantry staples…”Spinach wilts quickly when tossed with sauteed balsamic-honey apples; top the dish with fried eggs and blue cheese.” Really? That doesn’t fit my definitions of any of those words and it honestly doesn’t even sound good to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

      But I’m learning. I still don’t know what chutney or pesto are, but at least now I know how to cook an eggplant.

  4. I cook ALL THE TIME. My mom works in 3 different countys. She works in a different city every day and being the oldest girl, I get stuck cooking a lot of the time.

    • I’m sure she’s super glad that you can handle it and help out. I know it will be such a help to me when the Ladybug can share the cooking around here. She already helps with making sandwiches for lunches sometimes and it’s great!

  5. I think it’s excellent that you’re teaching all of them…boys included! In today’s world marriages are a team, so it’s nice to know you’re making sure they know skills to help them be contributors!

  6. Your daughter will appreciate your supervised help one day. Good work – keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your kitchen is so pretty, too, BTW.

    Just wanted to stop by and see your Giving Thanks list. Good for you, for staying up to date with it! Hope and pray you see how blessed you are!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    – Leah

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