The Party Continues — 6 Comments

  1. What wonderful imaginations! It does my heart good to see that there are still kids out there that do have one. Many just sit in front of the television or video game and turn into zombies!

    Good luck on your return and I will pray for you today…and the rest of the week with all that playing going on…have a great time! You can rest when you get back to work (Tee hee!)

    • We’re having fun so far! It’s so nice to be home! We can do chores while it’s light outside, we can start dinner early so we can eat right when Mr. Fix-It gets home, and then we’ve still had time for him to sit and build legos with them in the evenings before bed. Hope you guys are having a good holiday too!

  2. I’m quite thankful that nothing is going back….else I would be standing and standing in line. Hoping that your line wasn’t long and you are home playing again 🙂 I’ve given up doing school this week – the girls are way to excited to just play!

    • It didn’t go too bad! The return line wasn’t bad at all. We let the kids take some of their Christmas money to buy something for themselves to avoid the “i want!” issue since they all had to come with me. The decision making process was the hardest part, and even that didn’t go to bad because I made them walk through the whole store and look first, then we went one at a time to pick out what they wanted. Things were starting to get busy about the time we were leaving, but we were home by lunch.

    • It didn’t end up too bad. We went first thing in the morning and a lot of people were back at work already, so it wasn’t too crowded. We were home by lunchtime and I think things were starting to stack up behind us.

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