Intentional Prayer and Scripture — 5 Comments

  1. What a beautiful journal and a beautiful post! I can totally relate with talking to God a lot but not listening so well. I love to chat with Him throughout the day, but less often do I really go to a quiet place and spend time with Him. There just doesn’t ever seem to be a chance. I wish you well in this and pray that you would hear Him clearly as you spend quality time with him. Thank you so much for linking up today.

  2. Oh what a pretty prayer journal. And wonderful goals. I found you through the Southern Institute. Blessings.

  3. What a wonderful idea to remind you of what you are praying for! I, too, promise someone, and then forget after a few days… this is such a good idea to remind one.

  4. I am so glad that we get to travel this path together!! How blessed!!

    Love the prayer journal 🙂 I need to get crafty again – missing my happy time!

  5. I can’t tell you how many prayer journals I have started…only to let life take over and my journal set aside. But thanks be to God, I can always come back to Him. I have tried many times to get out of bed an hour early each day to begin with prayer and bible reading…only to have the evil one nag at me to stay in bed and hit the snooze just one more time. You have inspired me to not give up on this endeavor. I am going to roll up my sleeves and give it another go. Thank you Jesus for sending wonderful Christian Women to encourage me!
    Happy New Year!