Muckety Muck Muck in the Barnyard — 5 Comments

  1. I remember the days of feeding a flock of FFA project sheep. I’ve been chased by the ram, shoved by the ewes, knocked to the ground, stepped on, but loved every minute of it. Your story this morning brought it all back. My kids are grown and the sheep are gone. Missing that miserable bunch this morning:)

    • When there’s animals involved the simplest thing can become the wildest adventure! I’m also amazed at how the whole flock personality seems to shift by season. In the summer, they’re more “wild” and shy and used to being on grass and don’t really need you for anything so you can hardly lay a hand on them. In the winter, they are just all up in your business any time you come outside, following you around, pushing and shoving, and not shy at all because they know you’ve got food for them twice a day.

  2. Oh my gosh, I laughed and I am glad you are okay. That mud gets so slick. You know until you have had animals you haven’t lived. Getting knocked down in the mud and living to tell about it. Aren’t you glad no one was there filming?

  3. LOL! I am glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad you can find some humor in the situation. I am sure you weren’t laugh much though when it happened. I have had those (not totally down on the ground) experiences with our cows. I hate to feed grain because they act like starving pigs instead of cows! You have some brave little ones to get out there amongst that madness! I am home with kids, our first snow day of the year! And silly me, I think oh it isn’t so bad, were going to walmart! HA! I should have been hung by my toes! It is terrible out there. wrecks every where! Glad I made it home safe and sound.