When All Else Fails… — 4 Comments

    • Those stick horses were the best investment we ever made! Goes to show the classics are still the best. But the dog ate his first one, so we decided to replace it and my husband found the dragon. It’s just too cool (especially since his favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon!) although when you squeeze it’s horn is roars (3 times for each squeeze!) and that’s starting to get on my nerves! 🙂

  1. Wow! Looks like a great time! We did all the party stuff, skating parties as they got older. Now they pick a restaurant that we will all go to dinner at. Their birthday “cake” is the desert of their choice at that restaurant. For my ADHD kids that is a extremely exciting thing. They don’t get sugar very often.
    I just love the imagination your little ones have! so much fun!

  2. How fun!! I so love that you used glue dots – I would have run to the store 🙂

    Somehow we settled on 3 – not sure how. This year Sophie really wanted the Lalaloopsy Tree House {which was a tad expensive} so she just got that – and was thrilled.

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