Our Stubborn Little Arabian Mare — 3 Comments

  1. If you want her to move somewhere that she is unwilling to go, get a twitch (it goes around their nose/upper lip pulled snug. If she pulls it hurts) and she will follow you anywhere. I was raised around horses, have had some of my own. When our oldest daughter was getting into horses at 12 she bought one at a sale. My rule was I would always get on her first to make sure her disposition was good. The day that I got thrown and ended up with a serious head injury, was the day we sold all horses. Our health and well being was not worth our desire to have horses. They are beautifu magestic creatures. They have a mind and are very willful. They can sense when you are hesitant or fearful. They are NOT dumb animals…( my own horse was a beautiful barrel racing horse. when my husband bought him and I found out his name was Jack (as was my grandfathers name who had just passed away) I fell in love with him. I was sad to see him go but I made sure he went into competent hands.
    We have a lot of loading issues with our cattle. Most see that trailer pull up and the won’t go through the loading shoot for anything! Then we have our old show heifers that jump right on. They love to travel.

    • Personally, I find horses much more difficult than sheep because they think so much more. You’re very right, horses are willful. That’s a great word for it. Like children can be. Sheep are instinctive and food-driven, but not really independent thinkers or willful. Our experiences with horses is that they are thinking and deciding their actions all the time. Maybe that’s because they’re not in an intense herd/competitive environment and they have time to think, I don’t know.

      But that’s exactly why I didn’t climb up there and try to ride her. She is definitely over my riding ability right now. If I had time/money to take lessons/get training with her, under someone more experienced that would be one thing. But I’m not about to risk getting hurt over something like that. I took lessons years ago, and ride our old gelding, but I’m not fooling myself about my riding skills! 🙂 That why she needed the right owners. She’s not a bad horse, she just needed an experienced person. So far it already seems to be working out and I’m so happy for them.

  2. Having never had a horse, this was very new to me 🙂 I’m from cow country – and those animals really have no motivation to move either. Hope it works out well for everyone!!

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