Pets and Beds — 6 Comments

  1. Cute pics! Your pets are full of character and look very lovable 🙂 Even though we can’t stand the things they do sometimes, we sure do baby them…don’t we?

    I flick a little water at the cat if I have time to react when he jumps up on things…usually he is out of sight by the time I get to the kitchen sink. I guess I trained him, didn’t I?

  2. Our cat is a “barn” cat. She stays outside. We love her and she loves us. The most affectionate outside cat I have ever met! Then there is our inside baby (our dog Lewey). He is scared to death of our cat. She has her bluff in. He is brave as long as their is glass between the two of them. When he goes outside, he runs from her and she often likes to give chase! They are fun to watch. When we are all outside they compete for our attention. Such personalities! 🙂

    • We have a couple outside cats that are super friendly and try to wander in the house occasionally, and a couple that sleep on our porch furniture, but rocket out of sight when we open the door. Our Pointer, Yankee, always got along fine with all the outside cats, but Penny is too, ahem, enthusiastic, for them to tolerate her much. 🙂 They usually head to the garage when she comes out.

  3. LOL – I have this battle daily. Orion is 13 years old and pretty runs the house. I’ve given up on trying to *train* him, because really – you can’t. Sigh.

    • Scratchy and I have been fighting a “war” over our dining room table for years. It seems ludicrous at this point–he’s only been doing it daily for 7 years now! 🙂 My old dog Kenzie always had a bed and slept at the foot of my bed or in my dirty laundry basket instead. And usually our cats curled up with her. But Penny is too excitable and can’t resist starting to chew and play if Scratchy tries to lay with her. Maybe she’ll out grow some of that as she gets older.