Being Still — 4 Comments

  1. if there is one thing i have learned with our three is that each is different, in all kids of ways. But…for them to get good at something they must practice…right now it is Kayla with Chemistry, Cheyenne with Geometry, and Jeremy with…oh just about everything. Jeremy gets weekly reports sent home because he has struggled so much. I can’t wait until mid term and try “encourage” after the grade is so low. It is hard to dig out of a bad grade. 8 years old was a hard one for kayla (2nd grade right). She hated all the reading that they had to do. Which really bothered me because I love to read. The teacher told me to just give her time, it would come. And she was right. She loves to read! I’m sure Lady Bug will be alright, just keep encouraging her to do her best. That is all we can ask of our kids. With Jeremy I had to realize his best may only be a B (at best) or a C. But he is trying.
    Pray I will! Our kids (all of our kids) need lots of it! {{hugs}}
    What a great lesson Lady Bug was learning with Penny! That made me chuckle!
    Your “freaking out” comment really touched me as my much younger sister made me aware of how much I do that. Her 3 yo twin boys keep me freaked out! She told me to stop “what if’ing”…here I have 3 almost grown kids (i’m about to the grandma stage of life I guess)!

    • Parenting can really shine a light on our personal weaknesses too, can’t it?! I’m struggling to have patience with her about it, but not accept poor work or a poor attitude and that’s a really fine line to walk. I’ve also had my personal talents misunderstood and unappreciated before and I’m a little over-sensitive to that for my kiddos. It’s just one more example of what true parenting is–diving in hard and getting to know your kids and their little hearts and all their little quirks and needs.

  2. So sorry about all the sickness- and your little one struggling. I don’t have any answers – but I totally will pray for you and her!

    Awesome about the sponsors!! Woot 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve been praying that I would be hit with some creative ideas to try and help her. I don’t quite understand her learning style and I think that would help me make the most of the time I have to help her with her school work at home. Her school is very small and loving too, and if we could figure out something that really helped her I’m sure they would use it there. It’s just figuring out what it is.