Spring Has Sprung — 5 Comments

  1. last spring I ordered 15 buff orpingtons and 1 rooster. well, they sent 2 roosters. We gave one away by mid summer because they were fighting. I get 10 to 15 eggs a day. Just a few weeks ago we started incubating eggs for our spring butchering. we’ll see how that goes. But again, I loves babies on the farm! We also plan to use our incubator when our hens get told and need to be replaced (or heaven forbid something get them). I really like the breed.

    • I like that they’re so pretty, mostly quiet, and they are a heavy body so they’ll make good cooking if/when it comes to that. I prefer the bigger chickens in the hen house for that dual purpose. We’ve done the white X broilers before (and may again) but I just don’t LIKE them at all. We had a Buff rooster for a while but any time he was out of the pen, he was a terror. I like letting the hens out to pick around the yard on the weekend when I can keep an eye on them. They go right back in the coop in the evenings and don’t cause a bit of trouble.

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