Docking Lamb Tails — 10 Comments

  1. hello!! I’m currently doing a school project on the pros and cons of tail docking, and I was hoping that I’d be able to quote this article? it has a lot of useful information I could use to describe the rubber ring method especially as it’s from a personal experience standpoint? thanks!

  2. Hello, I’m looking for a bit of advice on docking tails. I work at a small petting farm and of the lambs that we have tailed so far, all of their stumps still have exposed bone at the tip. I have never seen this before. Have you? Could it be that the bands are not tight enough or are we tailing wrong (which I didn’t think was possible other than in length). Please help as I am ‘stumped’!

  3. Hi there, I’m looking for a word of advice. I have recently got a job on a small city farm and we have a handful of sheep. All the lambs that have been docked so far and have lost their tails look as though they still have the tip of the bone exposed. I have never noticed this happening before, I didn’t really think that you could tail a lamb wrongly other than in length. Have you ever experienced this? Could it be that the bands are not tight enough or are we not tailing correctly? Thanks for any advice.

      • I do find that some of ours take longer than the “10 days” we read about in all the books, sometimes 3 weeks. I would maybe consult a vet on the tails if they are all showing the same problem. The only issue we’ve ever had was when the tail would fall off and the band itself would actually stay in place right above where the tail fell off. This happened twice and it started to scab over. We pulled the band off and doused the opened scab with a weak beta-dine solution and then sprayed it with umbilical cord spray to seal the wound and didn’t have any other trouble.

  4. Ok..confession of a city girl here. I never knew sheep have long tails. I always thought they were short and stubby like that!

    Wow. I’m going to file this one away – I’m hoping to have a little farmette someday!

    (Visiting from the Barn Hop).

    • Thanks for stopping by! I think they’re banded so early in life that most people don’t realize.

      Everyone just pictures the fluffy white little lamb with the pink bow on it’s neck.

      We had a church ask to borrow a bottle-fed lamb once for an Easter play and we said, “sure.” When we got there the woman stopped for a moment and stared at him and said, “well, I never thought to ask what color he would be! I thought they were all white!” But baby lambs are often dark gray, black, or spotted, and don’t turn fully white until they are at least half grown.

  5. I love that I totally learned something new today!! I never knew lambs had long tails…seriously! Can you tell I grew up in cow country?!

    • I’ve heard that some dairy farms dock cow tails for the same reasons, but I’ve never seen it. Our cow’s tails don’t get messy–but I’m not out there getting swished in the face either! 🙂