Music and Sports Activities — 3 Comments

  1. My parents could not afford piano lessons. What I learned I picked up from my grandmother who plays by ear. As an adult I covet (I know but that is how I feel) anyone who has the talent to play the piano. Music lessons aren’t something appreciated by the youth but as they grow and mature they will be thankful for the “encouragment”. I have never forced our kids to play sports. But, if they signed up I made them stick out the entire season. After all, the team needs everyone on the team. This helps them to figure out their likes and dislikes. “am I wanting to play because my friends are” and such. All my kids learned a band instrument. The youngest though has not faired so well. Next year he will be trying track. 🙂 Everyone is different.

  2. I think with music lessons that it is important to make kids stick it out for a couple years before letting them quit. With sports, however, I think at this young age they should try different things to see what they like. My girls have flip flopped from ballet to gymnastics but are sticking with violin. If you think that the reason they don’t like the sport is coach related then get them to try another season (with a different coach.) If it’s a matter of them not liking the sport…there are so many other to choose from!

    BTW your daughter looks absolutely adorable at the piano!!!!

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