Our First Dentist Visit — 4 Comments

  1. Sophie has yet to go to the dentist. Sigh.

    Bella is a pro, since she has been a few times after she fell last fall. Because of her injury we had to find a dentist that was also a pediatric orthodontist, so we drive about 30 minutes. However – Bella loves the office and doesn’t fuss, so we keep going back.

    We do not have dental insurance, which makes it a bit tight – but you have to do it 🙂

  2. Our oldest was about 4. I drover her 85 miles every 6 months to a pediatric dentist because we didn’t have a good one (in my opinion) in our area. I am deathly afraid of dentist because of experiences that I had a child. So I wanted to make sure that our little one didn’t have those issues. our adopted children, i’m not sure, but as soon as they came to live with us we set up appointments and they go every 6 months. Oldest had braces, and middle daughter is almost done with her braces. Not so sure our son will need them but we will see.

    • We went ahead and made their 6 month appts for this Aug. They said that they generally recommend starting regular 6 month checks in Kindergarten, so the boys are right on time (Speedracer’s even a little early, but since it’s covered, why not.)

      The Ladybug has to go back in Aug to check an adult tooth that doesn’t seem to have room to come in. They said that they might have to send her to have some baby teeth pulled to make room. Not very serious, since they’re all baby teeth, but there’s another handful of appt.

      We’re very blessed to find someone so good close by. Really, that makes it all SO much easier.