Surviving Day Camp — 4 Comments

  1. Wesley is in Y camp for his second summer, but it’s a brand new camp facility. They tell you to label EVERYTHING with your child’s name so you don’t end up at the Lost and Found table sorting through socks and underwear that look alike. I buy stickers for clothing from Stuck on You. I find camp to be frustrating too because the staff doesn’t communicate well – case in point – they held an orientation and handed out lots of info, forms that needed to be signed, etc., but did I get the post card in the mail informing me of this event? Nope. They probably hate to see me coming because I always have questions – like why isn’t my child getting his swimming lesson when I paid for him to have one? Since it’s more of an outdoor camp this year, I also have the added worries of bug bites and ticks and sunburn and overheating.

  2. The way that you summed up that last paragraph about helping your kids understand some of the new things they are experiencing really brings back memories of complete exhaustion. It seems like every time we turn around we have to try to make our kids understand that though othe people are doing or acting a certain way, we don’t and “this” is why… Wow! Even as teenagers we still go through that some. I seriously DISLIKE anything that is out of routine. 🙂

  3. I hear you. Getting out of the school routine made me so grouchy for a week. My son has done 2 camps now (just morning) and then he has two more, later this summer. They’re good but they can be exhausting in themselves!

  4. oh my – I totally get this! We had Sophie in summer camp for 2 weeks and I was so glad when it was over. It was nice to get back into our routine!

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