Summer Reading Fun {Family Connections Summer 2012} — 9 Comments

  1. I have the complete set of Harry Potter books (mine) in Wesley’s room and he keeps asking to read them! I tell him that he’s not old enough to read/understand them yet (he’s only 6!) and he says but Mommy they’re in the library at school.

    By the way, I love the bookcase…where did you get it?

    • Ikea scratch and dent corner, $30! 🙂

      We’re much more careful about magic and mythology right now for similar reasons–they’re still forming what they believe in and understand as “real” and “pretend.” Mr. Fix-It was a little hesitant about King Arthur even, but it’s not a whole different world, it’s just fiction within a historic time period. In a few years when they understand a little more clearly, then we’ll introduce fiction with the concepts of “other worlds.” I haven’t even read C.S. Lewis to them yet. I think movies are a little different because we are trained from a young age to take books more seriously than movies.

      I’m a fan of fantasy and mythology myself, so I’m looking forward to it. And I’m excited to check out the new series The Peleg Chronicles from the Vision Forum soon.

  2. Glad you’re breaking free of the twaddle–good for you! As to the family library/personal copy question, I can’t imagine having more than one copy of a particular book in the house. Our house is pretty small, so I always have to take that into consideration. Also, my kids love reading our old books and even one or two of their grandmother’s! We’ll buy replacement copies when the old ones wear out!

  3. We have multiple copies of favorite books. I have a list that I bring with me to books sales and have been able to get some awesome steals for books that we like to read over and over again. The girls already have their own “library” in their room – as well as in the living room!

    • I think we’ll see what they seem to love best as they grow and make sure to get them copies of those…and I think if I was to come across a steal on something like another set of Anne of Green Gables or something I would pick it up for the Ladybug. I do hunt in our thrift stores but I’ve been staying away from book sales for a while since I was “out” of reading and buying books. Now I’m keeping my eyes open for our library’s summer sale though! {grin}

  4. Great lists, great ideas! We have been loving some of the classics as well – even better that they’re free on kindle! 😀

    My mom would buy us our own sets of books to take with us when we got married – not sure if boys would care (I have 2) but you could always ask them when they’re older!

    • I’m AMAZED by the freebies with Kindle! We don’t have an e-Reader, but I’ve been downloading lots of them “to the cloud.” 🙂 My parents didn’t have many books at all, so most of the ones they bought for me were the first copies in our house. And I kept most of them because I love them! Maybe we just have a family library for now and I buy books for each of them in their own “library” that we don’t have copies of until we see what they really love. Like my daughter’s American Girl books. I don’t have any of those, so we can buy those just for her without getting into duplicates.

    • I think sometimes making books a “special privileged” like having a book in bed and staying up late to read, helps them learn to value reading more. I’ve got book lights on the Christmas lists this year too. 🙂

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